Continuous education

Continuous education of Caregivers, Pregnant women, Mothers and Fathers of children under 5 is one strategic way to completely eliminate malnutrition, poor health, low birth outcomes due to poor nutrition in many households.

We look forward to the day;

When malnutrition is completely eradicated in all households in Nigeria and Africa,

Where children no longer die due to vaccine preventable diseases and poor nutrition,

Where children are no longer acutely or severely malnourished or dying from hidden hunger,

Where hospitals are fully equipped to provide quality child survival services,

Where children have access to quality nutritious foods and quality child care.

Where nursing mothers are provided  necessary support to exclusively breastfeed and both parents provide all the support to provide nutritious complementary foods for the children,

Where children no longer die before their fifth birthday.

We sincerely look forward to this day; a day coming soon.

Our Voice! Our Stand! Our Prayer!

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